The Boardroom

The Boardroom

“The Boardroom” will be a monthly update of key decisions and strategies direct from the Club Board of Directors. Featured items will be updated in an effort to keep our members more informed about decisions and Board direction which will have a direct impact on members; –

Slipway Trolley

Great to see the new aluminium slipway trolley installed today which joins the existing aluminium trolley installed some years ago. This combined with new plastic sleeves, aluminium through rods and aluminium pile guides for “E” Arm and “D” Arm mean our strategic marina maintenance is over 50% complete.

New Lift & Stairs

The new stairs have been installed and the old stair areas has been demolished which adds to the view of the marina and Kogarah Bay. The new lift is being installed early February 2021. Just a shame we can’t us our new facilities due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

2019 Strategic Planning

The Board of Director completed another successful planning session as part of its on going management plan and vision for the Club. See below this years Business Indicators and Cap Ex vision for the Club