Club History


The St. George Motor Boat Club has a long and proud history of continuous progress and development from the 1920’s to the present day.

The first public meeting to establish the Club was held at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Sandringham on 28th May, 1920.

The first Motor Boat regatta was held at Sans Souci on 10th July, 1920.

On 23rd November, 1920, the property that the Club now stands on was legally secured.

On 28th February, 1921, The St George Motor Boat Clubhouse Limited was duly registered.

The Official opening of the first Clubhouse took place on 24th April, 1921

Around 1929, the original St George Motor Boat House Limited was wound up and the basic company we have now was formed on a non-proprietary basis.

The Club continued to prosper, and so great was the enthusiasm and organisation that in the early thirties, in the depth of the Depression, a dinner was held to celebrate the clearing of all debts from the Club books.

Club additions and extensions were added and opened in 1955.