Meet our Chef’s

Dennis Karras

Head Chef

Dennis was born with a fiery passion for food. He was heavily inspired to become a chef by being surrounded by a family of foodies. “There were many memorable family get-togethers surrounding plenty of food”, said Dennis. “I decided that by becoming a Chef, I could share my love of food with others.”

Gary Martin


Gary certainly knows how to create menus that throw out much more than a little razzle dazzle! He started his career as a chef 29 years ago, when he started his apprenticeship at the exclusive Holiday Inn Menzies, Sydney. Since then, he has worked for some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world, including “M on the Bund” in Shanghai and “Capital M” in Beijing led by Australian restauranteur, Michelle Garnaut.

Terry Thamrin

Executive Chef The Marinas Edge Restaurant and The Waterfront Function Centre

At an early age, Terry watched a documentary about Japanese Chef, Jiro Ono, which triggered his passion for food. Terry resonated with Chef Jiro Ono’s philosophy “rather than finding work that you love, love the work that you have chosen.” “Although my work can at times be challenging, my love for food drives me to persevere, and find my profession very rewarding,” said Terry.

Tiz Giudici

Executive Chef – The Baybreeze Café

Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Tiz Giudici understands the power of food to bring families, friends, and cultures together. His motto is “Food is nothing without good company to share it with”, which is something you will understand when you awaken your tastebuds with one of Tiz’s Antipasto Share Platters.