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The Boardroom

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October 11, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Boardroom

“The Boardroom” will be a monthly update of key decisions and strategies direct from the Club Board of Directors. Featured items will be updated in an effort to keep our members more informed about decisions and Board direction which will have a direct impact on members; –

Slipway Trolley

Great to see the new aluminium slipway trolley installed today which joins the existing aluminium trolley installed some years ago. This combined with new plastic sleeves, aluminium through rods and aluminium pile guides for “E” Arm and “D” Arm mean our strategic marina maintenance is over 50% complete.

New Lift & Stairs

The new stairs have been installed and the old stair areas has been demolished which adds to the view of the marina and Kogarah Bay. The new lift is being installed early February 2021. Just a shame we can’t us our new facilities due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

2019 Strategic Planning

The Board of Director completed another successful planning session as part of its on going management plan and vision for the Club. See below this years Business Indicators and Cap Ex vision for the Club

Marina Toilets

The Men’s marina toilets have been completed and the Ladies has started to be renovated. The addition of laundry facilities eg. washer and drier have been installed behind the men’s locked door. Ladies please be advised that there is an additional men’s access door so please fee free to use the washer and drier at your convenience.

Please note that the men’s toilets have now become unisex and a lock has been placed on the men’s door to assist with making the toilets private for members.


2019 AGM

At the Annual General Meeting of the St George Motor Boat Club held yesterday, members elected the first female director to the Board.

Margaret Hinds, widow of long standing Vice President and Life Member Ron Hinds, received rousing applause when voting was announced. Members present celebrated the fact that after 99 years the Motor Boat Club had elected their first ever female director.

Also on the day, David Blyth was elected President unopposed for three years, David Toyer was elected Commodore unopposed for three years, Ian Bown was elected Director for three years and Maragert Hinds was elected Director for one year filling a casual vacancy.

New Beer Taps

As of August 2019 the Motor Boat Club extended its craft beer options in the Main Bar for members and guests. 14 x beer, 2 x wine, cc & dry and espresso martini all on tap.

Parents Room

The St George Motor Boat Club now offers a Parents Room as part of its services. Located near the Marina’s Edge Restaurant the Parents Room offers: microwave, change table, sink, comfortable chairs and that bit of privacy which we all deserve. Available from Tuesday 25 June 2019

Berthing Application

Some 12 months ago the Board made application to the Department of Lands to increase our Marina Lease to incorporate an additional 87 berths. Please see the plan above which shows the application of additional water to push towards the west of the marina obvously not effecting existing vessel navigation.

The native title clauses have been decided and the licencing options are being considered but inital thoughts are to incorporate the additional licenmces to mature at the end of the major Lease.

We will keep members up to date through this lengthy process. The last two application both took five years to complete but we are well underway.










Marina’s Edge Restaurant

The newley refurbished Edge Restaurant opened Wednesday 29 May 2019 and replaces the Captains Grill Restaurant. New menu which will change constantly and has been very well received in the first week. New furniture, big ass fans, lighting, bench seating, carpet and some greenery gives the New Marina’s Edge Restaurant a warmth and modern feel.

One of the major changes in our club food is the ability to take your food to any part of the Club, including ordering pizza from downstairs and having it delivered upstairs. Coffee has changed, beverage and cocktail menu’s have changed and the new look is amazing.


Todd & Wendy Retiring

By now you may have heard that Todd and Wendy Finigan from Cucina Catering (Motor Boat Club Contract Caterers) will be retiring at the completion of the Catering Contract 22 May 2019.

Firstly, the Board of Directors would like to recognise the outstanding contribution that Todd, Wendy, Russel, Blake, Jemma and all the staff of Cucina Catering have made to the St George Motor Boat Club and its success.

Over the past 22 years, Cucina Catering have supplied Club patrons with value for money food, which has only increased Club patronage year upon year. On behalf of the Members, Directors, Management and Staff of the Motor Boat Club (MBC) we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Todd & Wendy and their team.

It is the intention of the Board of Directors of the MBC to take over the catering of the current Captains Grill and Functions. The MBC has extended an invitation to all employees of Cucina Catering to retain employment at their current positions. The MBC Management will be working very hard between now and May 2019 to ensure a smooth transition for all concerned.

The Board of Directors sees many benefits taking over the contract catering including but not limited too;

Members receive points for restaurant meal purchases, Members discounts for restaurant purchases, Staff sharing for food and drinks, Members promotions, Access to all food from all areas at all times in all areas of the club

On the 23rd May 2019 the current Captains Grill will close for renovations. On 29 May 2019 the newly refurbished restaurant will open.

We are sorry for any inconvenience during this period but we are all very excited for the future of catering at the St George Motor Boat Club.


Solar / VPO

As part of the Motor Boat Club Eco plan we updated the Club Main Switchboard to future proof our electrical needs. As a result the new solar power installation has been finalised and Voltage Power Optimisation unit will be installed. Congrats to the Board and our “Green Team” Committee for all their efforts not only with the solar installation, Green Marina awards and all of our other sustainability achievements

Strategic Planning

The Board of Directors have once again set down their Strategic Plan for the ensuing 3 years. The Planning comes of the back of two consecutive record profits and includes propose additions to car parking, stairs and lift and refurbishments to mention just a few.

Please see below a summary of our Strategic Plan for the members information.

Toilet Refurbishment:

We have finished the first of our toilet refurbishments. The poker machine / Restaurant Ladies Toilets have been completed and look fantastic. Well done David Blyth and David Toyer for their efforts.

In february 2018 we will start on the ladies toilets in the Main Lounge. This will be major work due to the relocation and plumbing involved.  The Men’s main lounge toilets will be a temporary ladies toilets while the work is completed. Apologise for the inconvenience.













The St George Motor Boat Club new aluminium cradle was installed today:

Last week, the Club purchased a $20,000 “Safety & Rescue” vessel to replace the current vessels used by the Club marina staff and by the St George Power Boat Club on race days.

This week, three additional large 85-inch television screens will be installed in the main lounge area of the Club.

In the near future, new stainless steel boom gates will be installed to replace the old boom gates on the boat ramp.

Only a month to got before the new slipway cradle is installed

At its meeting, earlier this week the Board agreed to proceed with the purchase of its final six poker machine entitlements at the cost of $240,000 plus stamp duty. This will increase the number of poker machines in the Club from 84 to 90.


Pizza Kitchen Getting Closer

Back Up Generator

In an effort to make sure that customers service is maintained during power outages the Board of Directors has purchased a second hand 350 kVa Cummins Generator. The generator will be placed in the carpark for now until the Board completes the upgrade of our Mains Board. The Mains Board upgrade is scheduled to be completed by June 2017 at which time the generator will be moved to the enclosed area in front of the Mains Board. We will loose one car parking space but will have back up power which will run the entire club excluding the marina and non essential services within the Club


Pizza Oven / New Disabled Access

For some time we have planned on constructing a pizza oven and expanding the existing deck all be it just into the old fisho’s cage. The new disabled access which is now in front of the Sapphire Room is easily visible and complies with Council requirements. We are hoping that you will be able to order a pizza before or just after Christmas




The Main Lounge bathrooms have been earmarked for renovations this year with the female Captains Grill bathroom to start very soon and be completed by Christmas. The Main Lounge ladies bathroom will start in February given it will be a major refurbishment as seen below.

bathroom-1-finishes-plan-161024 bathroom-concept-161024

Boating Safety Day

The Board of Directors, RMS, the St George Motor Boat Cruising Club and more specifically Vice President Ron Hinds organises and holds a very successful Boating Safety Day in October every year. This year saw over 60 attendees.

Our new furniture is in. Our complete styling of the main lounge is in progress.

IMG_7219 IMG_7220 IMG_7221

Internet Speed

As part of the Board of Directors Strategic Plan, management have just finished upgrading the Public wifi facility at the Motor Boat Club. Personal limits have been extended to .5 gig or 1 gig per day. Obviously this comes a price and management require that users log in with Facebook or an email address. We hope you enjoy this new and improved facility which is now providing up to 100 megabytes per second download speed.











Main Lounge Furniture

Hopefully some time in July 2016 the new Main Lounge furniture will arrive. The current furniture has lasted nearly seven years and has done its job. The Board of Directors obtained the services of Split Watermelon Design who have gone for darker tones. One of the Board’s requirements in the brief was for additional seating. The new floor plan will  see an additional 64 chairs for the area which we would agree are needed.











Captains Grill Restaurant New Pass

After many many meals the Captains Grill Restaurant Pass needs to be completely replaced. The successful applicant was Challenge Services with an estimated cost of $60,000.

The refit is planned to start on a Sunday night with the Restaurant closed on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 May 2016. If you are still seeking a meal on those nights Cucina Catering will be providing meals in the Function area and the Baybreeze Cafe will be open for meals on those nights.



New Outdoor Gaming Area

Since we last posted, as per the Board of Directors displayed Strategic Plan we have finished the new outdoor gaming area and added an additional 10 poker machine entitlements and poker machines. The outdoor area now has more machines than the indoor area. The total cost was over $1 million dollars and was paid for from trading revenue.


New Cafe Heaters, Sails and Furniture

Due to the demand in the Cafe and the colder weather the Board of Directors have install additional sail area, new blinds, new heaters, new stools and high tables outside and new more comfortable furniture. In addition a new self opening door has been installed.

To comply with the new smoking regulations a separate area has been created for our smoking customers. Please be advised that you can not eat in the smoking areas.

Come and see the changes today;



IMG_5739 IMG_5726 IMG_5716

New Gaming Area

PM Layout 150603

The Board of Directors have given the green light to the New Alfresco Gaming Area Extensions for the St George Motor Boat Club. A DA will be submitted in the very near future to extend the existing outdoor gaming area to incorporate the old laundry which has been moved down stairs.

The proposal includes the acquisition of an additional 16 entitlements, new poker machine bases, privacy screens and the purchase of a CRT (cash redemption terminal) A butlers bar will also be included to service the extended alfresco area.

The work will be done by Boden Projects and include demolition of old laundry area, excavation to the existing floor level and erection of a four meter outside wall which will limit weather issues. The renovation will include access to the existing male and female toilets form the new area.

The proposed extension to the gaming area is inline with the Board of Directors Strategic Plan which is available in the Club Foyer and Notice Board area. At this time the new area is planned for completion by Christmas and will be funded out of cashflow.


Cafe Sail Addition

It winter and the Board of Directors have ordered additional blinds and extending the sail to the full length of the southern outside area of the Baybreeze Cafe.

Cafe New Sail Area 150421

Voucher Terminal

In an effort to try and please as many of our members as possible we have now install a stand alone Voucher Terminal next to the ATM. The Recharge Gift Card Terminal has all manner of gift cards and EFTPOS cards that you can redeem for My Rewards points. Just swipe the card you like and then swipe your membership card.

Pitstop 2

Ceiling Collapse 

In a recent storm overflow water was trapped in ceiling causing it to collapse. The Club successfully negotiated the replacement of seven poker machine and associated costs relating to the repair. Many thanks to our Insurance broker for their assistance and please enjoy the  restored gaming area.


Fuel Tanks

Recently the Club fuel system has had a complete overhaul. Both PULP and Diesel fuel tanks have been relined and been guaranteed for the next 20 year. Most importantly we comply with all EPA requirements now and for the future. This combined with the new bowsers and credit card facilities last year sees our fuel system completely revamp and ensures that members receive the best quality fuel in the most efficient manner.

Fuel Fix 5 Fuel Fix 4 Fuel Fix 2 Fuel Fix 1


Poker Machine Stools

As part of the Board Strategic plan and in an effort to maintain and improve our market share the Board of Directors have purchased new poker machine stools.

The stools are ergonomically correct to prevent strain on a player’s arms, back and neck. Our new stools are designed to be the optimal height for the area.



Baybreeze Cafe Complete

To see the Baybreeze menu, entertainment, virtual tour, what’s new and our cafe staff please click the link Baybreeze Website


Baybreezeconcept logo2


The Baybreeze Cafe becomes more of reality every day. I have attached the Scope of Works – Floor Plan just to keep Members up to date on the progress. We are still aiming for an opening at the end of March but it looks like the stools will be a bit longer.

Changes were being made to the Anchorage Bar which raised concerns so we have closed the Bar until the opening of the Baybreeze Cafe. We apologise for any inconvenience


Cafe Scope of works_floor plan_040214

View PDF Click Here


Please see above the Board of Directors Strategic Plan which is displayed in the Club for members. It includes our Mission Statement, KPI’s, our Vision and Values. As included in an overview of our building refurbishments. To download the PDF Click Here

Additional Visitors Berths

The Board have been looking at providing additional visitors berth facilities. It has been decided that berths, B1 to B4 be vacated to become casual berthing. The main reason for these berths was their location to current visitors berth and width of the fairway to access the berths.

Access to these berths will be by contacting the Marina Office 0409 090 712

New Marina Visitor Berths 131128

Anchorage Cafe

At the last meeting the Board requested that the CEO provide a feasibility for the transformation of the Anchorage Meeting Room to a cafe. The Board have recognised that;

  • we have a great aspect with the marina and Georges River,
  • the current room has very little use
  • we have the expertise to manage the venue
  •  definite demand for cafe and all day breakfast facilities
  • if owned and operated by the Club, price, opening hours will be managed by the Board
  • as opposed to other cafe facilities in the area we have plenty of parking

Watch this space for further details.


The Board of Directors will soon be calling on expressions of interest for a Marine Broker. The increase in the marina size to 228 berths warrants the services of our own Marine Broker.

The Broker will be provided with office space and berths and will have exclusive rights to sell vessels on the marina and advertise vessels for sale. Marina Manager Mark Norden has been conducting preliminary discussions and all inquiries should be directed through him on 0409 090 712.

The decision is seen as a win win situation for the Broker, the Club and the members.

New Marina

The Board wish to advise that partial hand over of the new “F” Arm has taken place but, the official completion will be next Friday. Berths are now available and have been moving well with the special offer for yearly payment in advance being open to new berthing members (pay 12 month in advance and get one month free)

Volume Fuel Discount

The Board have put in place a strategy to reward members for large volume fuel sales. For purchases of 1,000 litres of fuel and over in one transaction, members will receive an additional 5% discount. Members must pay their accounts before the 14th of each month to maintain their prospective discounts.



October 11, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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