Dennis Karras

Dennis Karras

Head Chef

Dennis was born with a fiery passion for food. He was heavily inspired to become a chef by being surrounded by a family of foodies. “There were many memorable family get-togethers surrounding plenty of food”, said Dennis. “I decided that by becoming a Chef, I could share my love of food with others.”

At the age of just 15 years, Dennis started his Chef’s apprenticeship at the iconic 500 seat Sydney restaurant ‘Nicks Seafood’ at Darling Harbour. Dennis is grateful to have worked alongside so many experienced Chefs who have shared their wealth of knowledge about food. Dennis said, “So many talented colleagues have shared their experience and taught me skills which I have carried and further developed throughout my career.”

Blessed with an extraordinary talent for creating dishes featuring slow-cooked meats, Dennis holds the belief that “all good things take time”. “The end result is tender and succulent meat, that makes the wait well worth it”, says Dennis. Although he loves beer, he takes the time to pair the perfect wine to accompany a meal, especially with meat and seafood dishes.

Dennis’ hero of the “food world” is chef, storyteller and writer, Anthony Bourdain. In his TV documentary, Anthony took viewers around the world to explore culture & cuisine. Through the simple act of sharing meals, he showcased both the extraordinary diversity of cultures and cuisines, yet how much we all have in common.