Tiz Giudici

Tiz Giudici

Executive Chef of The Baybreeze Café

Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Tiz Giudici understands the power of food to bring families, friends, and cultures together. His motto is “Food is nothing without good company to share it with”, which is something you will understand when you awaken your tastebuds with one of Tiz’s Antipasto Share Platters.

Being the son of a sommelier who was crazy about his wines, along with having an older brother who was a Chef, it was no wonder he developed a passion for food and beverages. “Due to my interest in food, I developed a great admiration for the famous Italian Chef, Gualtiero Marchesi, who was another inspiration for me to become a Chef”, said Tiz. He started his studies 28 years ago in Italy, then moved to Sydney, Australia to complete his Chef’s apprenticeship.

Italian food is obviously Tiz’s specialty, from slow cooked meats that melt in your mouth, to delicious pizzas and traditional Italian ricotta Frittelle donuts to finish off your feast. In true Italian style, Tiz declared “My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing people finish their whole plate of food, it motivates me to create new dishes”.

Tiz doesn’t have a favourite wine, as he is a keen beer drinker. His favourite place in the world is Cairns (as he loves the warm weather) and his happy place is on a boat.