Terry Thamrin

Terry Thamrin

Executive Chef- The Marinas Edge Restaurant and The Waterfront Function Centre

At an early age, Terry watched a documentary about Japanese Chef, Jiro Ono, which triggered his passion for food. Terry resonated with Chef Jiro Ono’s philosophy “rather than finding work that you love, love the work that you have chosen.” “Although my work can at times be challenging, my love for food drives me to persevere, and find my profession very rewarding,” said Terry.

Terry grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, moving to Australia when he was just 17 years of age. He started a Chef’s apprenticeship at a restaurant in Perth, specialising in seafood menus. He continued to move forward in his career, gaining extensive experience in culinary arts before coming to St George Motor Boat Club.

With a wealth of experience and bucket loads of enthusiasm, Terry has become known for maintaining the integrity of the food he prepares. Along with exceptional presentation and delicious taste, his dishes are made from carefully chosen ingredients. “I like to play my part in helping to drive a safer, healthier and more sustainable world,” said Terry. “I use the freshest local, seasonal produce, and let the flavour of the ingredients sing for themselves.”

Terry loves preparing seafood and red meat dishes and finds his inspiration from traveling and dining out. Throughout all his travels, his favourite place in the world is Australia. When he has time for fun, it is usually riding around on his motor bike.