Fishing Club Report 6-11-16

The weather forecast for Sunday was a repeat of last fortnight, sunny but 25kt winds. 13 fishos braved the elements, with 6 venturing out the heads and the other 7 remaining in the bay/river. Steve and Geoff even went as far as the “Peak” but this was not very productive.

Mr Consistent, Bruce, won the day with 3 fish totalling 1.75kg, giving him 12.25pts. The biggest fish of the day was his 1.2kg bream, well done Bruce.

Second was Geoff with 2 fish and 11.85pts and third Dale with 1 fish and 8.8pts.

The total catch today was only 5.3kgs!!!

There were 2 amazing coincidences today:

  1. 13 fishos caught just 13 fish
  2. Chris and John fished outside for a very short time, both catching a 45kg flattie, giving them 7.35pts each. These points could be useful at the end of the season John!

Today was the first time we used our new shed. A few minor hiccups but eventually all went well. Particular thanks must go to Leo for all his hard work over the past few weeks.

So bait up and see you in 2 weeks.

bruce geoff