Fishing Club Report 5-2-17

LADIES DAY for 2017 has to be the hottest fishing comp day on record. Weather conditions in terms of wind and swell were almost too perfect as most boats could not even establish a drift in the bay.

6 lady fishos braved the hot weather and caught just 5 fish for a total weight of just 2.6kgs.

Cheryl caught the biggest fish a 2kgs flattie and won the day, Michelle came 2nd with 2 flatties for total weight of 1 kgs, Christine caught a 0.350kgs flounder and Anna a 1 flattie at 0.250kgs and for this received a prize for the smallest fish.

Now just for interest, Leo and his mate fished the bay and caught, I think, 28 fish, mostly bream but included were a couple of decent size flatties.  The positive note on this is that Leo will now have bait for his crab traps from all those bream heads.

As usual on Ladies Day, Roy and Steve did the catering and as always provided an excellent lunch of prawns, zucchini slice, salads, steaks and bread rolls and an excellent orange cake to finish.  Well done to the Keen Catering Team.

So bait up and see you in 2 weeks.