Fishing Club Report 3-1-16

13 fishos attempted to add to their scores but the weather was not entirely pleasant. Most stayed in the river or bay, only 2 brave lads, from the Padstow group ventured out the heads into a “virtual washing machine”, however this proved to be a success for Geoff..

Leo remained in the bay at his favourite spot and came back with a great catch of bream, giving him 19.05 pts and winning the day. We understand that he also caught and released several sting rays.

A close second was Geoff with 6 fish and 18.9pts.

Third was Bruce with 4 fish, 15.75pts. One of his bream was 1.15kg.

So bait up and see you in 2 weeks.

Leo winner on the day Geoff's catch is in the bag