Fishing Club Report 1-3-15

Fishing Club Report 1-3-2015

11 fishos braved the heat and thankfully the strong winds did not arrive till after we were safely back at the club. Total amount of fish caught was 39kgs, not bad for a few novices.

Despite having electrical problems with his boat, Leo, with Bert as passenger, cleaned up on the day. At this stage in the competition Bert is on record as having caught the largest flattie at 3.05kg. Also Bert, Leo and Bruce all bagged out with their respective catches.

Bert won the day with total catch of 19.5kgs, Leo was 2nd with 3.85kgs and Bruce 3rd with 3.35kgs.

Brian deserves an honourable mention, catching a 0.4kg flattie. Could it be your passenger was of assistance?

Marnie outfished both mum and dad this week, catching 2 flatties totalling 1.8kgs, well done.

So bait up and see you in 2 weeks.