ClubGRANTS 2019

ClubGRANTS 2019 open on the 18th March and close 17 May 2019 for the George River Council

Applications are to be made to the Council Website

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As per the ClubGRANTS Guidelines – February 2012 paragraph 4.10 “Publishing Approved Projects” please see list below which publishes the ongoing St George Motor Boat Club, ClubGRANTS, for the current poker machine financial year;   2019 as at 30 September 2019

Rotary Club – $4,950 – Category 1 – cash donation – Youth Development, This project is designed to deliver a range of proven Rotary youth development and education opportunities to young people in the Georges River local government area.

Sailability – $3,000 – Category 1 – cash donation – Sailability provides sailing facilities for disabled children on Kogarah Bay.

St George Aquatic Club – $29,900 – Cash Donation – Category 2 – $1,100 in-kind room hire donation – Their program involves the promotion and facilitation of motor boat racing

Parkinson Support – $2,500 – Category 1 – Cash donation – Assists Parkinsons sufferers with their quality of life.

Legacy – $580 – Category 1- Cash donation – Support returned soldiers and their families.

Kookaburra Kids – $2,000 – Category 1 Cash Donation – Kookaburra Kids will establish a communication program whereby we communicate and engage with children who have been referred to our program on a regular basis in addition to the correspondences about camp and activity days. We aim to develop a "Welcome to Kookaburra Kids" pack for children who have been newly referred, so they feel welcome/part of the Kookaburra family, feel supported and anticipate future activities they can participate in. We will wish them Happy birthday/Christmas, send them regular newsletters and develop some take-home resources that reinforce the messages they receive at camp, so they feel supported and valued.

Kogarah Community Services – $4,000 – Category 1 Cash Donation – Anti-bullying for primary school aged children – Martial Arts

Marine Rescue – Category 1 – $9,708 cash donation –  $2,900 in-kind donation – They provide emergency response rescue services in the Boatany Bay Area.

Ladies Probus – $5,750 – Category 2 – in-kind room hire donation –  Members join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide  regular opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests and  enjoy the fellowship of new friends

St George Cancer Care Centre Mayoral Charity – $2,000 – Category 1 – Cash donation – They provide support for cancer sufferers.

St George Motor Boat Fishing Club – $1,000 cash donation – Category 2 – They provide and promote leisure fishing, fishing competitions and outings for Club members

Lamrock Committee – St George Hospital – Category 1 – $1,016 cash donation – They organise a charity ball with all proceeds going to The GI Cancer Institute saves lives by funding gastro-intestinal clinical trials research in

Australia Botany Bay Game Fishing Club – $1,000 Cash – $450 in-kind donation – Their provide and organise yearly and annual game fishing tournament for club members

St George Motor Boat Golf Club – Category 2 – $2,300 cash donation – $450 in-kind – They provide and organise monthly social golf games and tournaments for club members

St George Motor Boat Ladies Golf Club – Category 2 – $2,300 cash donation – $450 in-kind – They provide and organise monthly social golf games and tournaments for club members

St George Motor Boat Lawn Bowls Club – Category 2 – $2,300 cash donation $1,350 in-kind – They provide and organise monthly social bowls games for club members

St George Motor Boat Cruising Club – Category 2 – $1,070 cash donation $2,250 – They provide and organise monthly boating events for club members

Variety – Category 2 – $141 cash donation – $1,250 in-kind – Variety is a Childrens charity

St George Motor Boat Photographic Club – Category 2 – $1,000 cash donation $11,050 in-kind room hire – They provide and organise monthly photographic meetings and outings for club members

Aust Power Boar Assoc – $1,300 – Category 2 – in-kind donation – They adminsiter power boat racing in Australia