Members Draw Won $2,500

Congrats Jarrod

The Jackpot is now back to $2,500 for this week (from 15 February 2019)

New Members Draw will be run on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday with 2 draws per night. Just swipe your members card in the Loyalty Kiosk to check for the night.

Mondays and Wednesdays draws will be conducted at 6:00pm and 7:00pm (after the raffle) and Sundays at 5:00pm and 6:00pm with the 2 winners on the night asked to pick from 30 virtual cards on the Kiosk. Jackpot starts at $2,500 and increase by $500 per week.

The Host on the night can barter with winners for an option of cash before they turn their card. IF THE INDIVIDUALS TAKE THE MONEY AND TURN THE JACKPOT IT GOES BACK TO $2,500 WITHOUT PAYMENT.

Members have won over $50,000 since the promotion started (as at 7/1/19)

Once the final Jackpot hits $10,000 it must be won on the evening.

Luckiest Duty Manager – Members Draw (as at 25/10/18)

Charlie: $30,825, Glen: $12,720, Alex $2,280, Kelly $4,425, Michelle $8,465









St George Motor Boat Club
Members Interactive Jackpot Draw
Terms and Conditions
NSW Permit Number LTPS/18/Pending
  1. The Promoter shall be The St George Motor Boat Club situated at 2 Wellington Street Sans Souci 2219 NSW ph 9529 7276
  2. The Promotion shall be known as ‘Members Interactive Jackpot Draw”
  3. The Promotion will be open to all financial members of the St George Motor Boat Club.
  4. The Promotion shall start on the 2nd May 2018 at 4:00pm and shall conclude on the 29th April  2018 at 7pm
  5. Total maximum prize money for this promotion will be $48144
  6. The Members Interactive Jackpot Draw will take place in the following manner, every Monday and Wednesday night period at 6:00pm and 7:00pm and Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm and 6:00pm during the promotion one name will be drawn from the compiled list of checked in Members from the virtual barrel by an Authorised club official, the name drawn will be announced over the Clubs internal public address system only in the Foyer, Main lounge area and Gaming areas of the Club.
  7. To enter the promotion members must swipe their membership card at any of the Player Elite terminals and select the check in button for the promotion.
  8. The Member Interactive Jackpot Draws will take place in the main lounge area of the club, members will have 4 minutes to present themselves to the authorised club official and present their current membership card as required proof of identification. Members must be present in the main level of the Club at the time of the draw. In the event that the member is not present after 4 minutes another name will be drawn.
  9. The Draw. At draw times a club representative will activate the draw on the Player Elite Promotion tablet and a members name will appear, the member has 4 minutes to attend to the Promotion Host. Once they arrive and identity has been confirmed the member will choose 1 virtual card from 30 cards on the virtual board. Before the card is turned the host will barter with the Member to take a deal or stay with the card. If the Member takes the card the card is turned and prize revealed and paid. If the Member takes the deal the member get the deal prize and the card is turned and the prize value not awarded if the Jackpot is chosen the Jackpot returns to $2500.
  10. Prizes and card values. The Jackpot starts at $2500 and will increase by $500 each Wednesday if the Jackpot is not won.

Individual cards break up of prizes

10 x $25 cash

10 x $50 cash

5 x $100 cash

4 x $150 cash

1 x Jackpot


  1. At the conclusion of each nights draws all cards will turn to show the audience where the jackpot card was
  2. As the jackpot rises more jackpot cards will be add

$2500- $5000 = 1 jackpot card

$5000- $8000 = 3 Jackpot cards (replaces 2 $150)

$8000 – $1000 = 5 Jackpot Cards (replaces 2 $150)

  1. If The Jackpot reaches $10000 and does not go off the $10000 will be distributed via 10 x $1000 Draws on the next Wednesday night. Draws will be conducted from checked in members on that night
  2. The prize shall be paid to the winner and the winner may elect to collect a maximum of $5000 in cash and a crossed cheque for the remaining $5000 or any cash amount up to $5000 and crossed cheque for the remainder.
  3. All Names drawn will be registered into the official Members Interactive Jackpot Draw log.

Directors and club employees are ineligible to win any prize in the p